Sunday, 1 August 2010

Working Timetable, BR Southern Region - 1959

This is a British Railways, Southern Region, London (Western) District Timetable from mid-1959. The Working Timetable was a very important document for railway companies and, later, British Railways, as they detailed the expected timings of every single train that ran on the line, as opposed to the passenger timetables that just showed the passenger trains. Indeed, such was the importance of these documents that they also showed when the trains passed other important landmarks on the railway line. As such the bottom document shows various places where there wasn't a station such as Hampton Court Junction. They were so important because every activity that took place at stations, yards and depots were defined by what was laid down by what was in the WTT and when trains would arrive. Thus, without them, nothing on Britain's railways could be done.

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