Thursday, 5 August 2010

Royal Train Timetable - 1898/1909 (From Other Turnip Rail Site)

These really interesting documents detail the journey of Royal trains on the London and South Western Railway. These documents were presumably given out along the routes of the trains so that people could observe the royal trains if they so desired. The first document was given out on the occasion of Edward VII's journey from Waterloo to Farnborough and his return from Aldershot to Waterloo on 18th May 1909. The reason for the destination and departure stations being different is that he toured various military bases in the region on the day. The second document has a more detail in that the entire timetable is shown. It was issued on occasion of Queen Victoria's journey from Windsor to Portsmouth on the 10th March 1898, where she boarded the Royal Yacht for a holiday in the south of France. These very grand documents do have gold printed on them, so they couldn't have been cheap for the company to produce. But, in an era of patriotic fervour a little extra expense probably wasn't minded.

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