Friday, 6 August 2010

Handbook for Railway Steam Locomotive Firemen - 1957

I'm afraid that it would be impossible for me to do complete justice to this book on this site as it is 194 pages long and containing many images and diagrams of parts of locomotives. It is, however, interesting because it basically describes the operation of Britain's last generation of steam locomotives. Further, it would have been issued to Britain's last generation of Steam Engine drivers, as by this time the first moves were being made towards modernisation. Thus, it is one of the last paper relics from the era of steam. It does, however, show how far steam engine technology had developed up until that point.

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  1. I hate to ask this of you or anyone, but if there is any place where you can post this complete and beautiful handbook in pdf, please do. Ive been scouring the net for a run down or historic document dealing with a complete how to of the way they built these beautiful mechanisms and im coming up with very little to scratch. So it would be appreciated, thank you