Sunday, 8 August 2010

Southern Railway Magazine - 1925

The Southern Railway Magazine (SRM), the staff magazine of the Southern Railway (SR), was essentially a later version of the first railway company staff magazine, the South Western Gazette (SWG), that was independently published for the London and South Western Railway's staff from 1881. This became the South Western Magazine (SWM) in 1916 and it is this title that is shown on the top of the SRM's cover above. On the grouping, the magazine was from thereon published with all of the SR's staff in mind, the other constituent companies not having established their own staff magazines before 1922. This said, it still maintained for many years a bias towards events taking place in the old L&SWR territories.

Where it differed from it's forerunner, the SWG and for two years the SWM, was that the SRM was owned by the company as the SWM had been taken over by the L&SWR management in 1918. This meant that SRM's content was far more in line with the needs of the management to inform and instruct the workforce, whereas its forerunners were much less inclined to explicitly project any of management's views.

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