Saturday, 7 August 2010

L&SWR instructions to Engineering Staff - 1896 (From Other Turnip Rail Site)

This is another rule book for L&SWR staff that in a sense shows the division between the different departments within the company. While the main company Rule Book was issued to all staff, the one shown was an extra one supplied to the staff in the Engineering Department. This was issued in 1896, however a more wide-ranging one was issued in 1902 that also covered regulations regarding the maintenance and operation of signals. What they both evidence is the fact that the Engineering department required extra rules and regulations pertinent to their own operations. On the other hand, the Traffic and Running Departments had their own 'Appendix to the working timetable' which detailed their own 'extra' rules and regulations. Thus, the departments by the late 1890s had grown apart to become organisations in their own right. Thus this example and the 1902 instruction book were formulated in isolation by the department chiefs, as a comprehensive common rule book could not be formulated for all departments. I have shown all the pages here so please click on them to take a better look.

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