Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Material Supply Notes - 1911/12 (from Turnip Rail Main Site)

These are London and South Western Railway material supply notices from 1912 and 1911 that I originally posted on my other site. I am unsure exactly how they worked by I suspect that they went with the supplies when they were sent to their destinations. Obviously, however, the forms were designed to be attached to only one item, however, on both the documents the supplies were obviously sent to multiple destinations. Possibly, they had 1000s of these things in this period and were exhausting the supply before designing a new form. As for some of the names on the forms, on the first it is signed 'S[urrey]. Warner.' He was the L&SWR's Carriage and Wagon Superintendent between 1906 and 1923. On the second are two names. The first is Gilbert Szlumper, who was at that point a 1st Class Engineering Assistant at Eastleigh and the second is O[sborne].A[nthony].G[eorge]. Edwards, who was at that point the Central District Engineer.

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